Saturday, November 24, 2012

First We'll Shoot, Then We'll Surrender Our Seconds

'Xochimilco' album

So, I have finally released my first set of music. The release came out earlier this year, but it's gotten some nice feedback. I generally do all this stuff for myself (that deep disgusting personality that requires it all to go out in a bang), but I've enjoyed it so far. I've gotten pleasing critiquing from a local Upstate Soundscape, which is to say that I give thanks to the person who took their time to do so. You can feel free to head over to their site to check out the review from early October.

It's been a while since I posted an update, but that's mainly due to my laziness and occupied schedule. I've been working on new stuff and have been trying to write something at least every week. There can be times where the well of inspiration is dry, but it eventually comes to me. The music is within the same area, but folks will notice some change. It isn't exactly finding that certain "niche", but that I like to dive into branching territories and try to work with them. I'm a very cautious person and that applies to everything. If I'm comfortable with something then I'm most likely to settle into that scenario while dipping my toes in some other area. In this case, I'm doing that with my music. Some would say that my first album holds a concept of sorts, and they'd be correct. There's more to the songs than openly shown (even titles tell a story in their own), and I'm completely willing to reveal them all as time goes on. I guess it would be strange to sing about flying whales and kitchen gloves without explanation, wouldn't it?

In the meantime, I'm still working on music. I've been listening to new sounds and artists that I wish I previously encountered in my earlier youth, but discovery is the most amazing thing about the world of sound. My current plans for my follow up album are to generate a solid amount of tracks. I truthfully enjoyed my long tracklist for 'Xochimilco', and I tend to do the same for this new one. The boundaries are set, and the goals are being met. I'm quite excited to work harder on this one and to create the personality for the world 'Xochimilco' had forged. I'm still weak, still shy, and still romantic. These things affect my creative process and I must display it the way I feel appropriate. This follow up album will do exactly that.

Awkward feelings.

On a side note, I appreciate all those who still listen to my music and give me feedback. I'm also excited to be working on future projects with some of those folks, and I look forward to it all.

I know I haven't posted anything in a few months, but I'm going to plan on keeping this thing up to date more often. If you do check this out...

Keep checkin' in!

Until next time;

Digital Dog Party

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Friends Found

Okay, so it's been a while since we've seen each other, right? Something like that. We definitely have a lot of catching up to do.

So some new songs have been made since my last post on here. You could probably say that they all suck along with the others, but if you truly thought that...then you wouldn't really be reading this, right? Heh. Moving on! As you all know, my "style" of music has sorta gone back and forth from ambient instrumental or delay/reverb heavy songs, to simple songs accompanied by only a classical guitar.  Some would probably say, "Well, you could just use an acoustic instead of a classical guitar." Yeah, that's true, but I have always come to adore the soft and unique sound of a classical. There's something beautiful about it when it comes to match with something like...ambient electric sounds. I would love to include more elements, but I'm afraid that I'm not that rich, or talented. The use of drums would be lovely additions, but I don't own any or know how to play. Keyboard would be nice, but I only have a real cruddy one, so that doesn't work. I guess I'll have to wait until I expand on that, but can you imagine the sounds? Yeah, pretty cool.

So I've picked up a few friends along the way. Actually, I've found a crap ton. I've encountered some wonderfully talented folks over at Soundcloud, and I suggest that you start listening to them already if you haven't. I've gotten some amazing feedback and comments to my music, and I'm truly grateful for each listen. I'd totally spend an entire post writing thank yous to folks like Diana, Spurgeasaurus, Satori, Stochastic, Salem, Alyssa, etc.- but I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to do so. I'm eager to eventually work with these folks and to continue listening to their outstanding songs!

I believe that's all I have to say, but before I go I'd like to announce that I've started up a little side project group with the talented Satori. So far it's been pretty exciting and rewarding, and I'm eager to create more sounds! Underneath is a link to the Soundcloud page for it! Enjoy.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Albums, Albums, Albums

I have created some new music lately, but this post isn't really about that. The newer songs were made in one sitting, preferably a little after midnight. For some reason, I feel relaxed when I make things when it's all dark and quiet. 

Anyways, I'm here to talk about some new music that I have gotten into, or at least discovered. First up, are the Screaming Females. I've heard an album of theirs before, but it was long ago. I had come across them via Dinosaur Jr. (J Mascis), and they appeared to have some strengths to their music. It's basically just...rough punches to the face. Well, your mind's face. I have finally listened to their new album, Ugly, and it's quite an interesting piece. The first song just really grinds its beats and distortion right into your ears and stays there. It builds up from there, though it does blur a tad near the middle. I spotted some yawns here and there, but I generally liked this album as a whole. If you really like rhythmic punchy songs littered with female vocals, then definitely keep an eye out for this one. 

Another random group that I've recently come across are the incredibly catchy Japanese duo, Pasteboard. I could be wrong, but it seems like they only released one album under this project of theirs, but it's insanely wicked. The first song just grabs your...well, I guess most would call it "shoegaze" with an organized "umph"? Anyways, the whole album really clicks together well (Title is called, Glitter), and it's a nice creation that works well on a droopy day. 

Now, I've saved the best for last. I've recently gone to see a small little show in Buffalo, and it was just...amazing as hell. The performance included both The Curious Mystery, and The Hive Dwellers. If you don't know already, Calvin Johnson leads The Hive Dwellers. They are releasing a new album soon, but if you caught their live shows then you were able to buy it right there. Of course, I did just that. I didn't know what I was getting into with The Hive Dwellers, but it was worth it. Their songs are really simple and sorta like a distant cousin of...beat poetry? Something like that. I do have to say that my favorite song of theirs is probably "Get In". Seriously, just go search that song by them on Youtube. The lyrics of the song? Basically it's made up of all the known derogatory terms society has ever created. Is it meant to hurt all the included and mentioned? No, and that's the best part. As simply stated- get in. As for The Curious Mystery, their music is unique. I highly suggest searching up "Night Ride Reeling" or "Black Sand". You really won't regret it, and I can promise you that. 

I guess that's about it for now. I have been in the music creating mood as of late, so you might expect a couple of more random songs before I take a short break again. Also, stay tuned for more blog posts!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heart Fuzz W/ Covers (Noise'd)

So here we are with another blog update. I've made two more songs as of late, one of them being a cover of a Mount Eerie song. The title of the song is, "O My Heart". I personally consider it my favorite Mount Eerie song, but that's just my opinion. To push on that, I wrote a song for a lovable girl a while back and it was called "O My Kite". The change was merely because of a "nickname" of sorts. My cover really isn't that great, but I just wanted to have a go at it for once. That, and what my style could do if it applied to someone else's song. I think it worked out? I don't know. As for my other song, "Your Heart Gave Fuzz", I wanted to keep that echoed fuzz effect through some portion of it. The beginning part is mainly just me with high reverb and delay while palm muting way up on the neck. That song was really fun to write as well.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apples & Creations (A Wondrous Tune)

I have been writing more music as of late, but I don't mind. I usually spend my time writing songs in one quick night, but I'm never going to say that they are that great ('Cause they really aren't). I tend to switch up the instruments that I use, going from classical to acoustic, then to electric. In a sense, it's sorta like a cycle. Sometimes I throw a banjo in a song just because I feel like I need to take advantage of stuff I bought. I'm not exactly rich or have the greatest of equipment, but music doesn't necessarily happen in one night, does it? I don't plan on getting the best of the best for equipment, but I do plan on getting a more organized and settled recording situation. I would love to work with other people, but it seems that I'm by myself when it comes to music. Around here, everyone despises my tastes, and I can't really find other musicians to work with. Besides that, things seem okay. My recent song, "Apple (Sequel)" is a continuation of an older song I did that I put up on my Soundcloud. It's basically a true story about how I perceived someone's identity or "core personality" as an actual apple. It takes time to chew and eat through everything else, but after you reach the center...there's nothing left; there's no more mystery and reason to be with that person. The same goes with myself, as I felt that the woman I loved just got tired of me after a while. The thrill loses itself, and you just want to bite into a new apple. Anyways, that's the backstory on those two songs.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enter, Sunday (New Music)

Well, I felt like setting things into motion with this then. I have plans to make some new music in the upcoming days, and I sorta would like to have Pt. 2 of my recent song, "This Faithful Night" be completed before April pops up. The first part basically revolved around simple things I saw on a walk I took during the night. I walked through our little town here, and I saw things that sorta made my mind click into gear. I meant for the song to be light and simple, with the following parts changing and breathing new emotion from this "story". 

I had some music with me along this trip, and I abused songs from Wild Nothing, Youth Lagoon, Thanksgiving, and Tara Jane O' Neil. This combination just seemed to jump start me into a song. Things can just really get you goin' when you spend a long dark night by yourself. All in all, expect some new music coming from Digital Dog Party.


A New Beginning (Start Over)

As you may be aware, this is the music blog of the moniker, Digital Dog Party. Digital Dog Party is essentially a music form that one person takes up and creates personal sounds through it. There has always been one sole contributor or member, which is me of course. My name is Enrique Daniel Ruiz, but I prefer to go by Xochimilco when it comes to my music. My sounds and songs rely heavily on personal experiences or beliefs through objects or situations. In this case, it is mainly the troubles with love and relationships. This blog is used for an easy output of my music and explanation on certain things or even simple updates. I may use this to display photos I've taken, or maybe drawings that I've done. I might also help others with things they wish to show in public or express. I also plan to comment on recent or old music or bands that I come across, as well their music. Here is a link to my music, if you wish to listen. Please enjoy yourselves, and keep an eye out for more!