Sunday, March 25, 2012

A New Beginning (Start Over)

As you may be aware, this is the music blog of the moniker, Digital Dog Party. Digital Dog Party is essentially a music form that one person takes up and creates personal sounds through it. There has always been one sole contributor or member, which is me of course. My name is Enrique Daniel Ruiz, but I prefer to go by Xochimilco when it comes to my music. My sounds and songs rely heavily on personal experiences or beliefs through objects or situations. In this case, it is mainly the troubles with love and relationships. This blog is used for an easy output of my music and explanation on certain things or even simple updates. I may use this to display photos I've taken, or maybe drawings that I've done. I might also help others with things they wish to show in public or express. I also plan to comment on recent or old music or bands that I come across, as well their music. Here is a link to my music, if you wish to listen. Please enjoy yourselves, and keep an eye out for more!


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