Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heart Fuzz W/ Covers (Noise'd)

So here we are with another blog update. I've made two more songs as of late, one of them being a cover of a Mount Eerie song. The title of the song is, "O My Heart". I personally consider it my favorite Mount Eerie song, but that's just my opinion. To push on that, I wrote a song for a lovable girl a while back and it was called "O My Kite". The change was merely because of a "nickname" of sorts. My cover really isn't that great, but I just wanted to have a go at it for once. That, and what my style could do if it applied to someone else's song. I think it worked out? I don't know. As for my other song, "Your Heart Gave Fuzz", I wanted to keep that echoed fuzz effect through some portion of it. The beginning part is mainly just me with high reverb and delay while palm muting way up on the neck. That song was really fun to write as well.

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