Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apples & Creations (A Wondrous Tune)

I have been writing more music as of late, but I don't mind. I usually spend my time writing songs in one quick night, but I'm never going to say that they are that great ('Cause they really aren't). I tend to switch up the instruments that I use, going from classical to acoustic, then to electric. In a sense, it's sorta like a cycle. Sometimes I throw a banjo in a song just because I feel like I need to take advantage of stuff I bought. I'm not exactly rich or have the greatest of equipment, but music doesn't necessarily happen in one night, does it? I don't plan on getting the best of the best for equipment, but I do plan on getting a more organized and settled recording situation. I would love to work with other people, but it seems that I'm by myself when it comes to music. Around here, everyone despises my tastes, and I can't really find other musicians to work with. Besides that, things seem okay. My recent song, "Apple (Sequel)" is a continuation of an older song I did that I put up on my Soundcloud. It's basically a true story about how I perceived someone's identity or "core personality" as an actual apple. It takes time to chew and eat through everything else, but after you reach the center...there's nothing left; there's no more mystery and reason to be with that person. The same goes with myself, as I felt that the woman I loved just got tired of me after a while. The thrill loses itself, and you just want to bite into a new apple. Anyways, that's the backstory on those two songs.


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